Product Development

Thermal Gradient is developing three instrument-cartridge systems based on the company's FLASH platform.  They are FlashAmp, Flash-LC, and Flash-HC.  All three have these attributes in common:

  • Small footprint, 5in x 7in (13cm x 18cm)
  • Rapid qPCR, typically 2-8 minutes for 40 cycles
  • Single use, inexpensive disposable cartridges
  • Optionally powered by an internal battery
  • Multi-channel fluorescence detection for traditional qPCR curves and thermal melt
  • Wireless control by tablet 


The FlashAMP instrument and cartridge system in geared to the non-diagnostic market.  It will provide researchers with the ability to perform quantitative PCR from prepared nucleic acid samples.


The FlashDirect-LC version of the instrument and cartridge is a complete sample-to-answer system that provides diagnostic results from low complexity specimens such as throat and nasal swabs, and saliva.  Developed with MRSA as the primary test, the system is capable of virtually any nucleic acid based target from this class of specimen.  The FlashDirect-LC platform is also adaptable for bioDefense and forensic applications. 


FlashDirect-HC version provides the sample-to-answer diagnostic results from higher complexity specimens such as serum and plasma.  It is targeted to the HIV and similar testing markets.