Company Profile

Vision and Philosophy

Thermal Gradient was founded with the intention to bring its core technology of very rapid PCR and sample preparation to a suite of products that both better address existing markets and enables new markets that cannot be addressed with existing technologies.

But Thermal Gradient is more that a technology company.  Thermal Gradient's business focus has always been seek opportunties where our unique and proprietary technology is best suited for new products that address markets with unmet needs under a sound financial model.  Thermal Gradient is highly committed to maintaining the proper balance in products that:

  • Outperform conventional methods and competitive products
  • Have strong "market pull" because they address unmet needs
  • Fit comfortably within the financial dynamics of their intended markets

Thermal Gradient was founded by individuals with long and successful track records for developing high technology products in in vitro diagnostics. Our culture is one of strong and spirited collaboration, internally as well as with the company's long term valued partners. We welcome the opportunity to discuss additional opportunities with partners and collaborators that bring additional technologies, resources, and market potentials with Thermal Gradient's reach.

Company Overview

Thermal Gradient is a developer of devices and systems for rapid, easy-to-use molecular diagnostic systems.  The company’s proprietary fast thermal cycling and nucleic acid extraction and purification technologies enable extremely fast and easy to use systems ranging from point-of-care to high volume high throughput random access reference systems.  These same advantages open up significant licensing and cartridge supply opportunities in bio-defense and other molecular biological applications.

Target Markets:

  • Point of Care HIV monitoring and screening in low resourse settings
  • Tuberculosis testing, particularly as an adjunct to the HIV application
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease testing
  • Healthcare Acquired Infections such as MRSA
  • Intra-operative cancer testing
  • Genetic disorder testing
  • Bio-defense (biologic threat detection)
  • Food and water testing
  • Environmentatl safety testing
  • Forensics
  • Genetic research

Key Value Drivers

Thermal Gradient's technology advantage is clearly demonstrated in the HIV detection and screening system presently under development.

Thermal Gradient

  • >15 minutes sample to answer
  • Useable by minimally trained operators
  • Low cost, field deployable instrument
  • Low cost cartridge
  • Low power or battery powered possible


  • 90 minutes or more
  • Trained laborator technicians required
  • Expensive lab based instrument
  • High manufacturing cost cartridge
  • Large power requirements

These same advantages can be employed in a wide variety of products and applications.