Thermal Gradient Performs 13 Minute MRSA Test

FlashDirect POC Prototype Meets the Company's Diagnostic Objectives

Thermal Gradient Enters Commercial Prototype Testing Phase

Company announces commercial product strategy

Thermal Gradient Announces Plans to Relocate to Virginia

Lab Operations move to the Virginia Biotechnology Research Park 

Thermal Gradient Announces DNA Testing Speed and Cost Breakthrough

2014, May 13 - Thermal Gradient Breaks 1 minute PCR barrier with next generation devices

Axela and Thermal Gradient to Integrate Ultra Fast PCR technology with Flow-Thru Chips® for Simplified and Rapid Molecular Diagnostics

Toronto, Canada, July 09, 2013 – Axela Inc. announced today it has entered into a development agreement to integrate Thermal Gradient’s rapid PCR technology into Axela’s Flow–Thru Chip® automated workflow. Thermal Gradient's sample preparation and amplification technology will initially be added to Axela’s patent pending approach for the capture and quantification of targeted nucleic acids.

Thermal Gradient Announces Manufacture of Next Generation DNA Testing Device

2012, June 26 -  Thermal Gradient manufactures next generation of rapid PCR devices.

Thermal Gradient Announces Significant Advances its PCR Technology

2012, April 11 - Thermal Gradient, Inc., a biotech company, is announcing significant advances in its revolutionary polymerase chain reaction technology.

Thermal Gradient Receives Third Generation PCR Devices

2011, Aug 8 - Thermal Gradient receives prototype third generation PCR devices.  Initial production molds in qualification testing.

Thermal Gradient Announces Breakthrough in its Fast PCR technology

2011, Feb 11 - Second generation devices, manufactured at lower cost, successfully perform ultra fast PCR.

Thermal Gradient in the IEEE Sensors Journal

2006, Dec 15 - Thermal Gradient publishes it technology in the IEEE Sensors Journal Special Issue on "Sensors for Microfluidic Analysis Systems"